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Conceptual Couture

In a time of heightened political and social awareness, we have taken a step back to reevaluate our role in the community. In accordance with this, we have updated the Hartford Fashion Week mission and released our brand new news platform, Conceptual Couture. Visit the new site at: https://conceptualcouture.hartford.fashion

For a copy of the press release associated with this news, click the download button, or read the full text below.

HARTFORD, CT For release September 19, 2017

Hartford Fashion Week’s mission gets streamlined by focusing on fashion as an art form, first and foremost, with “wearability” as a potential, but not necessary, byproduct.

In their updated mission statement, Hartford Fashion Week appeals to what the organization describes as a “resistance to fast fashion.” Fast fashion, or the push toward rapidly prototyped and marketed fashion trends, has inundated the fashion industry with low quality and highly disposable products. In response, Hartford Fashion Week will aim to highlight designers who use fashion as a medium for artistic application and expression.

In conjunction with this new focus, Hartford Fashion Week has announced Conceptual Couture (conceptualcouture.hartford.fashion), a blog and media platform to showcase happenings in the art and fashion world. Media will include interviews, photo essays, and opinion pieces. The company notes it will “highlight artists and designers who work at the intersection of contemporary art and fashion [. . .] utilizing fashion, clothing, and textile design as mediums for expressive communication.”

This evolution of Hartford Fashion Week comes after years of producing acclaimed runway shows for local designers. With the organization extending their reach outside of the Greater Hartford area, expect multiple perspectives on the role art and culture play in the local, national, and global community.

Continuing their runway series, Hartford Fashion Week will premier their first showcase of this new objective in 2018. The showcase will challenge the community to reconsider the way we look at, talk about, experience, and wear clothing. As part of the application process for upcoming shows, designers will be required to provide an artist statement along with a portfolio of their work. The organization believes this curatorial approach will help the audience appreciate the designers' use of creativity and craft in the expression of their ideas.