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We believe in the integral role that art and culture play in growing and sustaining a flourishing city and we are poised to be an unforgiving defender of the arts. Fashion is an art form and a tool for artistic expression and communication. We strive to use fashion as commentary on the cultural, political, and social issues of our time. Our specific goals are to:

  • Elevate the quality and quantity of contemporary fashion and art in Hartford and surrounding areas
  • Educate viewers about contemporary fashion’s place in art history
  • Encourage critical thinking and conversation spawned by viewing fashion, art, and artist statements
  • Resist the pressures of fast fashion by placing quality and personal style over highly disposable trends
  • Encourage the community to reconsider the way we look at, talk about, and wear clothing. For example, supporting individuals choosing to dress using fashion as a form of self-expression.

By highlighting artists, designers, and events which place fashion at the apex of contemporary culture, we aim to begin the dialogue necessary to achieve these goals. We believe in the power of using fashion, clothing, and textile design as a medium for expressive communication and a starting point for conversations paramount to a thriving community.

Last updated September 18, 2017


The first Fashion Week was in New York in 1943, when the United States fashion industry could not get into France for Paris fashion shows, and decided to bring the best of American design together. It has since grown into a biannual celebration where designers release their seasonal lines. More recently, local cities have adapted this idea to highlight their local designers.

Hartford Fashion Week premiered in the fall of 2015. From September 28 — October 4th Hartford saw its first city wide fashion celebration culminating with a weekend full of runway shows at Union Station.

Meet our Team

Just a few of the talented individuals that make Hartford Fashion Week a reality.

Katrina Orsini

Katrina is the founder and director of Hartford Fashion Week. After earning her BFA in Painting from UConn in 2013 Orsini turned her attention to community organizing with the inception of Hartford Fashion Week. The scope of her independent artwork includes sculptural explorations. Some of these have been featured as conceptual fashion designs on runways in both New York and Connecticut.

Rich Hollant

Rich is the mastermind behind the badass promo videos from year one and two of #hartfordfashionweek and also the director of co:lab, a design firm in #Parkville that works with community projects and non profits. Catch him at all Hartford Fashion Week events as the best dressed guy in the room!

Matthew Seremet

Matt provides awesome web development, coding, and designs. He is also the brain behind @artsho.ws - a platform for artists to share portfolios, events and more. Check it out!

Cynthia Bulaong

You may recognize Cynthia from the HFW runway or you may recognize her from Artists in Real Time, the non profit that puts on @openstudiohartford every year.

Jeff Devereux

A big part of the support that @breakfastxlunchxdinner brings to HFW, Jeff also keeps Hartford active with @hartford_ac. Best yet, he is the business director for @thebrotherscrisp

Onyeka Obiocha

Also a partner in @breakfastxlunchxdinner, Onyeka, or "Ony" for short, helps support us through his community engagement efforts and experience. A person of words and action.